This fable represents limitation of circumstances, and is numbered 145 in the Perry Index (as 145. The Lion and The Dolphin). This fable finds prominance because it teaches us to choose our alliances (including friends) wisely, and to depend upon them only in accordance to the powers they possess, not just the will they exhibit, or promises they make.

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The Lion and the Dolphin
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The Lion and the Dolphin
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The Lion and the Dolphin
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The Lion and the Dolphin
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The Lion and the Dolphin
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The spirit may be willing, but the flesh may be unable.
When choosing allies, we must look to their power as well as their will to aid us.
A lion, strolling along a shore, came across a dolphin. The dolphin was as majestic in the sea of fishes, as he was amongst the beasts, himself. As kings of beasts and fishes, respectively, the lion and the dolphin reached an understading to become allies and come to each other's aid at the time of need. After a while, a bull attacked the lion, and they had a big fight. All the time, the dolphin could do nothing but watch - because he was unable to venture out of water. The lion fought alone and finally drove the bull away, and realized that the dolphin can never come to his aid at his time of need.
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