This fable represents social conduct, and is numbered 426 in the Perry Index (as 426. The Fox and the Crane). The popularity of this fable is observed in sculptures and illustrations abundant from the Middle Ages, and it teaches the golden lesson of conduct that a trickster must expect trickery in return.

One day, a fox was leisurely passing his time.
The Fox and the Stork
He thought of ways to amuse himself, and came upon an idea to play a joke on his friend, a stork.
At once, he went to meet the stork. The fox wanted to have some fun, at the expense of the stork - whose odd appearance, he was always making fun and laughng at.
"Will you have supper with me, this evening?", said the fox to the stork, "I have a very tasty surprise for you."
The stork was delighted, and readily accepted his invitation.
Little did the stork suspect, that his friend was planning to play a joke on him.
The Fox and the Stork
In the evening, the unsuspecting stork arrived at the fox's place, in good time and with a very good appetite. After a warm welcome, the two chatted for a while, before settling for supper.
The air was filled with the aroma of a delicious soup. But the tasty surprise was served in flat dishes.
The stork, with his long bill, could not possibly eat anything. All the stork could do was wet the tip of his bill.
On the other hand, the fox merrily lapped it up. He smiled to himself, and asked, "What do you think of it? Delicious, isnt it?"
Hungry, and yet unable to eat, the stork knew that the joke was played on him. But he did not want to reveal his disappointment, so he played along.
The Fox and the Stork
"Best meal, that I ever had", said the stork.
The fox, obviously, knew that was not the case. He intended to mock his friend, and made a great show of enjoyment.
The stork was much displeased with the trick, that was played with him. But he remained calm. He knew that his friend is trying to evoke his anger, and he saw no good in flying into a rage. The fox would use this opportunity to mock and make fun of him.
Instead, not long afterward, he invited the fox to dine with him.
Looking forward to having some more fun, the fox readily accepted the stork's invitation.

The Fox and the Stork
The fox promptly arrived, the next day, and was pleased that the air was filled with the appetizing aroma of a soup.
To his dismay, the soup was served in tall jars, with narrow neck and small mouth.
The stork had a long neck and bill. And so, he did not face any difficulty in reaching the food, and having it.
On the other hand, it seemed an impossible task for the fox. He tried hard to reach the food, but could not get his snout to reach to it. All he could do was lick the outside of the jar, and sniff the aroma. He remained as hungry, and watched the stork relishing the food.
The Fox and the Stork
Feeling the pangs of hunger, and angered that he was treated in such a manner, the fox lost his temper.
"Is this how you treat a hungry guest?", he shouted at the stork, "I could not even eat a nibble!"
The stork could not help himself from laughing uncontrollably.
This made the fox even angrier, and he prepared to take leave.
"Don't be a poor sport, my dear friend", the stork said, regaining some composure, "If you cannot take a joke, it is better not to make one yourself".
The fox knew, that his friend had only returned the same treatment that he had treated his friend with.
One bad turn deserves another.
Do not play tricks on others, unless you can stand the same treatment yourself.
A fox thought of playing a trick on a stork, and therefore invited him to dinner. When the stork arrived, the fox deliberately served the food on a flat dish. The stork was unable to eat anything from the flat dish with his long beak. Realizing that he was tricked, the stork displayed no frustration . Instead, he invited the fox for the next dinner. When the fox arrived, the stork served the food in a pot with a thick, long neck. The fox was unable to eat anything because he did not have along beak, and realized that he was tricked back.
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